Ski and snowboard club slide through the season

Luka Skudrzik, Staff Reporter

Snow flies past the faces of riders as they descend the most challenging hill; they jump, they spin, they fly, nothing can stop them. They are all friends which makes this trip even more enjoyable for everyone. This is what students could experience as a part of the Ski and Snowboard Club.The club takes trips to Perfect North Slopes in Lawrenceburg, IN for four straight weeks starting on Jan. 11. The club is sponsored by social studies teacher Robert Hoffman and has a few teacher helpers: math teacher Alisa Vancel and science teacher Brian Shults.“The club is fun because it puts students in a setting outside of school to enjoy the great outdoors, and the chance to hang with friends doing something exhilarating other than playing on their X-Box,” Hoffman said.

The once unknown Ski and Snowboard club had only six members when FHS first opened, but now boasts about 52 students.

All available spots are filled, but there is always next year. There is no experience needed to join, and free lessons are included in a four week passthat is purchased. Skiers and boarders are encouraged to take lessons because it will lower the chance of injury.

“Most skiers and boarders in the club are ‘Average Joes’, but we do have several students that are talented such as Amanda Duba and Caleb Cole on snowboard,” Hoffman said