Graduate early? Maybe? No!


Jordyn Didier, Editor-in-Chief

Graduation, the moment we all wait for through the four years of high school. It brings ideas of college, independence and freedom from the seven hour school days we attended for 12 years. Leaving for college earlier than planned sounds like a great idea to many students, which is part of the reason they decide to graduate early.

The school offers the options to either graduate a year or just a semester early. Unfortunately for most students, graduating before the date set in June of their senior year is a difficult process that only very few are actually able to do (more about the requirements on page 5).

Graduating early gives students a chance to either start college early or  work in order to gain experience and money for the next step in their education. It is a head start on life, but graduating early is not the best option for everyone. Many feel as if they are just done with the stress and drama included in the high school experience and having to sit around for hours of classes they may not even need the credit for is pointless.

While that is an understandable way of thinking, it is not necessarily the best reason for leaving high school earlier than originally planned. Many also forget to consider what they are going to be leaving behind or giving up by graduating early, including the friends they have made or the events we have waited four years to finally be a part of as seniors.

Graduating early does not seem to be worth missing out on the hype of senior year, the supposed best part of the high school experience. We spent four years waiting for the perks of senior year including the  mock car crash, prom, fun day, and the prank.

Many of the perks that come along with being in the last year of high school occur during second semester, the one that all early graduates will miss out on no matter which graduation option that they choose.

The time spent on keeping good grades and making sure the credits necessary have been received deserves to be celebrated. Second semester senior year provides seniors with the chance to have a little relaxation and fun after filling out numerous college applications and scholarships the first half of the year.

So, while graduating early may sound like the best option after 12 continuous years of schooling, it is not. Missing out on senior year just to continue on with even more school is not worth it. Waiting one last year or one la

st semester until the graduation date will not hurt anyone and they will finish out their year with the highly anticipated activities and perks of being the top of the school.