Film Club introduces students to new movies


Emma Russell, Reporter

Emma Russell– People can see movies in the theaters and in their houses, but now the world of movies and film is hitting high school. Film club has been around since the start of the school, and is one of the oldest clubs still around. The club was previously run by English teacher Paul Kennedy but was taken over this year by English department chair Glenn Seland.

“It’s been around for awhile so I’m not sure exactly who created it, but its one of the clubs that has been around here for awhile,” Seland said.

Though in the beginning of the year Seland picked the movies, he slowly begins to let the students pick out the new films to watch. In previous years the club has met once a month, this year they are trying to do the same but also include themed movie weeks where members of the club will go all week long after school and watch a trilogy of movies, or movies that apply to a theme people think of.

“There would be five days in a row of a certain type of movie like superhero movies or summer movie recap or Harry Potter week, things like that. So students who couldn’t necessarily make a certain day could make another day that week,” said Seland.

Even though they watch movies in the club, thats not all they do. The club will also discuss the directors choice in some scenes, or camera angles used to give the scene a different effect to help engage the students when they are watching the films.DSC_0085 copy