Guidance Blog: What’s up in February


Luka Skudrzik, Copy Editor

Luka Skudrzik – In guidance for the month of February, students can expect important business to take place. For underclassmen, it will be full of scheduling, especially in light of new, upcoming classes.

Counselors will make sure that these students are aware of all the new opportunities that the new College and Career Academy will have. Oceanography, one of the new classes, now becomes an option for students.

“We are excited about the new College and Career Academy,” guidance counselor Matt Swaim said.

Seniors have a big emphasis on preparing for college and finishing scholarship applications. Many scholarships can be found on the school website, but websites such as are also sites that have an abundance of scholarship opportunites.

The FAFSA application is another aspect seniors need to focus on finishing. Guidance is putting a strong emphasis on completing it by Mar. 10 which is the due date for most financial aid material.

“This is important because it will help qualify you for federal loan and grant money,” Swaim said.

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