Guidance Blog: What’s happening in December

Guidance Blog: Whats happening in December

Luka Skudrzik, Copy Editor

Luka Skudrzik– As always, the guidance office is busy with many tasks in December. The main areas of interest are preparing for scheduling, wrapping up freshman meetings and preparing for the College and Career Academy next year.

Scheduling will start in mid to late January; the new scheduling guide will come out at the same time.

“Mainly academics and finals [are happening]. The next few weeks make a huge impact on a student’s semester grades,” guidance counselor Kelly Applegate said.

Another task students should be doing, specifically juniors, is signing up for the SAT and ACT. The next sign up deadlines are Dec. 29 and Jan. 9, respectively. The tests take place on Jan. 24 and Feb. 7.

For seniors, there is still college and scholarship work to be done. Seniors should stop by the scholarship room in guidance to keep track of current scholarships.

“If students have not been accepted to their college or have any issues with applications, they should put in a pass to meet with their guidance counselor,” Applegate said.

Naviance can be used for more information on colleges and scholarships.