FHS football looks forward to a W against Avon


FHS runs the ball against HSE, Sept. 11.0

Without a trace of adversity, FHS shut down North Central in their last game, 28-0. The Tigers must prepare for a very possible, but not-so-easy win this Friday, Sept. 25 at home.

Ranked eighth in the state, Avon currently carries a record of 3-2, as opposed to the winning record of FHS, 4-1. Avon has a strong passing game, FHS on the other hand has a strong running game, so many plays consist of a player running the ball rather than risking interceptions. This will be something to watch for in the game. Averaging 204.4 rushing yards per game, Avon will need to keep careful watch for running plays, and their defense will need to keep a careful eye on quarterback Zach Eaton and the rest of the offensive team.

Avon averages more passing yards and has a stronger tackling game overall, however, FHS has proven to have more sacks per game on a regular basis. FHS will not only be a threat to Avon in running the ball, but also in terms of defense- preventing the Orioles from exceeding FHS through their powerful offensive team from scoring passing touchdowns.

While both schools rank well, overall FHS is favored to win as they put to use their offensive skills, and quick defense.