Seniors dominate powder puff games


Junior Danielle Harrison runs the ball towards the end-zone. Photo by Tansi Akbar.

Ethan O'Sullivan, Reporter

Girl’s Powder Puff on Wednesday started off by matching up the junior and sophomore teams. The sophomores fumbled almost every pass they attempted and offside penalties pushed them back and forth across the field. The juniors dominated the match with handoffs that took them up the center of the field. This gave their team two touchdowns and one conversion, while the sophomores fought for one touchdown before the clock ushered in half-time, leaving the score of 14-6 Juniors.

The match resumed with another junior touchdown on the first play, a theme that recurred throughout the remainder of the game. Scoring touchdown after touchdown, the juniors took the victory against the sophomores in the first match, ending with a final score of 30-6.

The juniors proceeded on to the championship game against the seniors since there was no freshman team playing in Powder Puff this year.

The audience responded with applause as the seniors took to the field for the second match. When both the juniors and seniors were galvanized, as indicated by their spirited cheering, the championship match began and involved heavy resistance. The juniors attempted to emulate the attrition tactics they used against the sophomores, but it costed them a fumble against the seniors. The game was played with touch football rules, but a couple falls on the ground were made, including one where the junior quarterback ran headfirst into another player.

“They all played really hard and nobody got hurt, and that’s what we’re looking for,” dean Greg Miller said.

Using sweeps based on speed around the side of the the field, the seniors led the juniors at the end of the first half, culminating in a score of 20-0 as halftime rolled in.

During the second half of the final match, there was even less motion on the field. The juniors attempted to compensate for 20 points while the seniors sought to keep the juniors from making a comeback. By the end of the game, however, the seniors pushed through and raised their score to 32-0, taking the victory following three consecutive interceptions.

“That last play was fantastic. They [the seniors] didn’t have to run a play, but they did anyways and scored on it,” Miller said.