2013 school year builds tradition


Natalie Lueung, Editor and Chief

Editorial CartoonTraditions are the actions we do for years that unites our school together as one. FHS has a saying ‘Have pride, show character and build tradition’.Since the 2013-14 school year has started, our school has been working on building the additions. While our building is changing our traditions are also growing with school spirit and academics.

Spirit and pride are the biggest traditions we carry around here, such as wearing red on Fridays, cheering at football games and dressing up on spirit weeks. Instead of having each sport have a pink game spread out through the month, our new tradition is to have a Pink Week, a whole week dedicated to cancer awareness.

Academics are another tradition our school embraces. FHS is in the top ranked schools of Indiana. According to the Indiana Department of Education, in the 2011-12 school year 38.5 percent of our school passed an AP exam while 14.8 percent of Indiana public schools passed theirs. Then we had 49.9 percent graduating with Core 40, 46.2 percent graduating with Academic Honors and then 4 percent with the general diploma in the same school year. FHS really pushes students to score well on tests.

The environment of our school is also important becuase it is quite friendly which is what probably makes some of us want to return to school everyday. The administration has made it even more comfortable with the bring your own technology to school rule. Our enrollment is growing every year, from 2582 students last year to about 2755 this school year, resulting in crowded hallways. The portables may not be as comfortable, but our school is becoming safer. All these changes with construction are challenging but we are very understanding.

It has been a rough start to the year, our students are all adjusting pretty well. There have not been any serious issues from students about the changes going on around the school. The new schedules might take a few more weeks to remember and the half-days might take the entire year to become more comfortable to. It is important for us students to keep showing our character as we build tradition as a school.