Film club screens all genres


Films air after school in sponsor Glenn Seland’s room for a few hours after school. Photo by James Fortozo on Feb. 6.

Film club welcomes all movie enthusiasts who enjoy watching  all types of movies that range from old to new then breaking them down and analyzing them with their equally interested peers.

“I would recommend joining film club to anyone that likes watching movies and analyzing them, having a deeper thought than just the pure entertainment value of them,” senior and co-leader Timmy Lee said.

Film club has been around since 2009, and English teacher Glenn Seland took over the sponsorship role four years ago. Meetings for this club vary from either Tuesdays or Thursdays, based on what the club decides.

“Film club is a very relaxing and no cost club where you get to hangout, watch movies and meet new people who share the same interest as you,” English teacher and club sponsor Glenn Seland said.

There are also two student leaders, seniors Katie Ruda and Timmy Lee. Both of the leaders have been in film club for at least one year.

“Every week I come up with a list of cool things to talk about during the movie and incorporate those topics in back channel so we can discuss these topics without interrupting the movie,” senior and co-leader Katie Ruda said.