Japanime club continues to watch anime


Japanime club members socialize during their meeting on Wednesday Jan. 13

Anime, weeaboos and manga are some things students can expect from a typical Japanime club meeting. Held in B209 on every other Wednesday, Japanime meets to watch anime brought in by students.

The students typically vote on what anime they wish to watch, and then members watch it till five. Japanime at the beginning of the school year usually go on some type of outing, to get to know each other better, according to club president.

“The involvement [is my favorite part about being the club president] because I get to be one of the driving forces for everybody’s fun really, it’s supposed to be a happy and fun place,” Redd said.

Any type of anime is accepted at Japanime as long as it’s not too graphic or violent. The club’s next meeting is on Wednesday, Feb. 10.

More information about the club can be found here.