Art Club uses their imagination to bring school to life

Luka Skudrzik, Staff Reporter

Imagine beautiful images depicting school life; black, silhouetted figures would roam the halls alongside other students. These artistic creations practically coming to life within a school already full of it. This is what Art Club is working to achieve.Students are currently working on a collaborative project in which they will be making a large mural of black silhouettes depicting daily life in school. Examples could be of students rushing to class, listening to music or studying. This project was inspired by the contemporary artist Kara Walker.Everyone is working diligently to finish up the project as administration is currently approving it. Once done, they will begin another project if time lets them.

Art Club is in room C105 in the art hallway. They meet twice a month from three to four in the afternoon. Speak to art teacher and Art Club sponsor Danielle Ontiveros in C105 for details on how to join the Art Club.

“Anyone can join, you don’t need any art experience to join, even though most do. It is a lot of fun,” Ontiveros said.