Boys rugby scrimmages foreign Canadian students


Both FHS players and Ontario Vikings hold their home country flag while singing the National Anthem and Canada National Anthem. photo by Carolina Puga Mendoza

The boys rugby team has been around for an approximate of six years but is not yet considered an official sport. One month ago the rugby club coach, Allen Trout, has been communicating with the Ontario Vikings head coach to set up a match. All the preparations for Canadian students started back in December, from finding the sponsor to get all ready for the arrival.

“It was great exposure and it was a ton of fun. I would say that the boys really enjoyed the experience,” Trout said.

Having students from Canada to compete in the United States has created an increment on popularity to the rugby club.

“Is pretty awesome [canadian students coming], I think it shows how awesome our club is getting and what we have the potential of being,” sophomore Chase Simpson said.

The game ended with a score of Fishers Tigers 38 – 0 Ontario Vikings on Saturday March 5.