Student Venture now called Cru


Ariana Barr, Journalism Student

Cru is a Christian based youth group where students come together and spend time getting more involved with their faith. Starting at 7:17 every Monday evening until approximately 9:00 p.m., students play games, worship, and hear stories from leaders and/or other students and their journeys with Christ.

“I like it when the students lead the discussion,” junior Katie Pence said.

The students typically lead the discussions, but it is not rare for one of the youth leaders to lead discussion as well.

Cru is a student-orientated group that helps students build up in faith, while still have a good time with friends and just hang out.

“I really like the food and being able to hang out with friends that share similar interests,” senior Nathan Barr said.

Every week, Cru provides the students and staff that attend snacks that typically include cookies, brownies, chips, soda, etc.

“The 100 ft. long banana split last month was really fun,” Barr said.

The 100 ft. long banana split is just one of many activities. The biggest event each year although is held in January called Fast Break which is a Christian convention where people get together with thousands of teens and simply become stronger in their faith by worship and speakers.

“Fast Break changes lives,” junior Elizabeth Silvey said.