New club hurls towards field


Natalie Lueung, Editor-in-chief

Natalie Lueung- High school gives students many opportunities to branch out and meet new people with clubs. Every school year there are new clubs but not many of them apply to running around on a field.

Seniors Alex Walker and Cullen Riley who play for an Indianapolis hurling club decided May 2014 to start their own hurling club at school. Hurling is originally a Gaelic-Irish sport, almost similar to the Native American sport lacrosse except the sticks do not have nets.

According to Walker hurling club is growing in the U.S.

“Growing the sport is very important to me and everybody in the club,” Walker said.

All the equipment was donated by a club in Chicago. There are approximately 25 people in the club. Anyone can join by talking to Walker or Riley or going to classroom B219 on a Wednesday afternoon.

“This club is different because it’s a whole new sport to pick up and learn,” said Walker.

The practices and  games are at Sand Creek Intermediate’s unit field space. Practices are from 3:30-5:30 p.m. every Wednesday.